Air Ride Suspension Systems

ASCO Numatics offers a wide range of valves and components for onboard air systems and other automotive related applications.

ASCO Numatics valves and control components are used on some of the following vehicles:

  • Trains and Buses - Brakes, suspensions, and door controls
  • Heavy Duty Trucks - Turbocharger, suspension, transmission, and coolant control systems
  • Street Cleaning Equipment - Water and cleaner control valves
  • Heavy Construction Equipment - Control valves for transmissions
  • Racing Vehicles - Fuel shutoff valves
  • Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

ASCO Numatics valves and components are also used in these related industries:

  • Tire Manufacturing Facilities
  • Auto Painting Facilities
  • Automotive Assembly Robots
  • Car Wash Water and Cleaner Control Systems
  • Fueling Stations - In the pumps and for vapor recovery

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ASCO Numatics Air Ride Suspension

ASCO S- Series 8238 Solenoid Valve ASCO S Series 8238 Solenoid Valves
ASCO S solenoid valves are designed for high flow, high reliability air suspension systems. The unique design provides high pressure control at minimal power consumption. DIN connection reduces installation time and decreases installation cost. Available in nickel plated designs for maximum appeal.
ASCO Valve Manifold ASCO Valve Manifold Systems
ASCO Valve Manifolds are engineered to provide maximum flexibility for your air system design. Single valves allow you to raise and lower your vehicle from one point. Dual control manifolds allow for either front to rear or side to side control of your suspension. Quad control manifolds provide you with the flexibility and speed to control each wheel independently providing the ultimate in suspension control.
ASCO Pressure Switches ASCO Pressure Switches
The ASCO Adjustable Range Pressure Switch line is designed for installation where input pressure parameters are adjusted for personalized control.
The ASCO Fixed Range Pressure Switch line is designed for systems with consistent input pressures. When mounted directly to your air tank, or in-line between the compressor and tank, the switches ensure reliable control of your ride height.
Numatics Particulate Filters Numatics Particulate Filters
Numatics Filters (water traps) are designed to provide your air ride suspension system with top quality air. By removing water and particulate, air suspension systems perform more reliably and efficiently, and have longer life.
Numatics Air Bellows Numatics Air Bellows
Numatics Air Bellows provide load boosting performance for air ride suspension systems.
Numatics Tube Fittings and Accessories Numatics Tube Fittings and Accessories
Benefits include:
  • Pressure rating to 265 psi
  • Temperature range: -20°F to 176°F
  • Push-in fittings with NPTF threads
  • PTFE thread sealant
  • Tube diameter: 1/8" to 1/2"
  • Thread size: 1/8" NPTF to 1/2" NPTF

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