Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

ASCO's dynamic Modulair 100 Series offers all the control, flexibility and performance you need from your air preparation equipment. The components of the Mod 100 Series can be installed separately or can be assembled into a complete unit, as you require.
• Totally modular system
• Precise regulation and control
• Large bowl capacities
• Ambient Temperature Range: 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC).
Filters Filters are used to remove oil, contaminants, and moisture from instrument air lines to extend the life of other pneumatic components. They are available with 5 um to 30 um filter elements and in automatic or semi-automatic drain configurations.

Coalescing Filters Coalescing filters are used as oil removal filters and are able to remove oil and other contaminants to the 0.01 um size. They are used in situations where standard air filters would leave too many contaminants in the system. They are also available with 5 um pre-filters assemble to extend the life of the coalescing element filter.

(air and water pressure regulators)
Regulators are devices that allow for independent control of fluid pressures. They remove pressure fluctuations in the air or water supply. They are available with or without pressure gauges attached.

Lubricators Pneumatic lubricators are used in compressed air lines to atomize oil into aerosol form for injection into the air stream. This process lubricates the air to extend the life of downstream pneumatic tools, cylinders, motors, and valves.

Combination Filter/Regulators Combination filters/regulators are pre-assembled units that allow for air filtration and in pressure regulation in one compact unit. They are available with 5 um to 30 um filter elements, with or without gauges, and in automatic or semi-automatic drain configurations.

Combination Filter/Regulators/Lubricators Combination filter/regulators/lubricators are pre-assembled units that allow for air filtration, pressure regulation, and air lubrication in one compact unit. Similar to combination filter/regulator units, these assemblies add the lubrication step for extended pneumatic system component life.

Additional Components Options to filters, regulators, or lubricators range from additional functionality like key locks and emergency shut-off valves to installation kits and additional gauges.

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