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Conversion Calculators for Metric and Imperial Valves
Our interactive conversion calculators will help you to quickly convert between metric and imperial values.
Area - square inch, square feet, square yard, square centimeter, square meter, acre
Energy - BTU, kilowatt/hr, watt/hr, watt/sec
Flow - gallons/sec, gallons/min, liters/sec, cubic feet/hr, cubic centimeter/sec, cubic meter/hr, and more
Length - inch, feet, yard, mile, millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer
Pressure - lb/in2, lbs/ft2, bar, pascal, kilopascal, torrs, and more
Temperature - Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin
Velocity - ft/sec, ft/min, miles/min, cm/sec, m/sec, km/min, and more
Volume - pints, quarts, gallons, cubic inches, cubic yards, cubic meters, liter, and more
Weight - ounces, pounds, tons, grams, kilograms
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