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Numatics Pneumatic ActuatorsSelect from the widest possible range of cylinder product lines. Sideload resistant, washdown-ready stainless steel and composite tubes, low risk of rod thread breakage, compact footprints, corrosives-resistant materials for meat packing or dairy: whatever your special need, our cylinders have the ideal design.
Numatics Rodless Cylinders Our comprehensive line of guided and nonguided rodless cylinders offer no-maintenance convenience; and include heavy-duty construction for demanding applications.
Air Bellows These air bellows complement our comprehensive line of guided and nonguided rodless cylinders with high-force designs, requiring less installation space than any conventional actuator.
Numatics Vacuum ProductsChoose from a wide selection of vacuum generators with the industry’s lowest air consumption, plus suction cups, vacuum switches, and peripheral devices for superior vacuum material handling. 
AccessoriesAccessories range from pilot-operated check valves and tubing to fittings and flow controls that provide one versatile thread design for multiple thread types.
Numatics Valve ManifoldsThree-way and four-way valve manifolds provide precise control.  We offer the industry’s widest variety of protocols, including Ethernet, AS-interface®, DeviceNet™, Profibus® - DP, and now FOUNDATION Fieldbus™.  All valves are CE-rated and have IP65 washdown ratings.
Numatics FRLsOur filters, regulators, and lubricators offer superior treatment of air quality and pressure on your packaging equipment. Our mounting designs avoid special brackets and end plates for the most versatile applications on the market.
Numatics Motion ControlsOur actuators and linear guided cylinders suit your most demanding packaging equipment needs. Features such as flush wireways are perfect for tight space constraints in case stops, case clamps, and case flap closers.  A choice of bearing options optimizes our designs to your needs.