Fluid Automation Solutions for Power

ASCO Numatics solutions control, measure and treat - with renowned accuracy and reliability - the flows of liquid, steam and air in process piping. For instance, our products provide the air to operate main on-off valves throughout the power generation process. Our offerings are the market leaders in their class.
Our RedHat valves are found everywhere in the power world - from conveyors in coal mines to cooling towers in penstock water systems to boilers, scrubbers and sludge disposal systems.
ASCO Numatics products function as mission-critical components or in concert with other leading products and systems. Maintenance, plant and operations engineers as well as architects and engineers apply our solutions for retrofits, plant expansions and grassroots projects. Our clients include some of the world’s largest utilities and engineering firms in the power generation industry.

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ASCO Solenoid Pilot Valves ASCO Solenoid Pilot Valves
These robust valves are designed to meet the high cycling demands of today’s commercial and industrial laundries. Couple them with spring-return and double-acting cylinders for use in applications such as heavy-duty washing, pressing, ironing and folding.
Numatics Cylinders Numatics Cylinders
A large range of high quality Numatics cylinders that can withstand the harsh environment of power generation systems. Whether you are operating a scrubber or a bag house, Numatics cylinders are used to open and close large orifices in these systems. Available in 17 bore sizes from 1 1/2" to 24".
ASCO Soleniod Valves ASCO General Purpose Solenoid Valves
Proven technology delivers reliable operation for both two-way and on-off process valves. In your power plant, our solenoid valves provide superior service for turbine lubrication systems and igniter burner No. 2 fuel lines.
ASCO Angle-Body Piston Valves ASCO Angle-Body Piston Valves
Our 8290 Series is suited to replace ball valves in air, water and team applications with pipe sizes 2 1/2" or smaller and up to 150 psi. This compact solution reduces cost of ownership, eliminates water hammer and creates tight shutoff in both directions. Available with limit switches, AS-interface®, DeviceNet™ protocols and low power solenoids.
Filters, regulators and lubricators treat air quality and pressure in your plant's pneumatic system. Apply them to control pressure or meet filtration requirements for your pneumatic equipment. These high-performance products are available in multiple configurations including electronic regulators.
ASCO Power Pulse Valves ASCO Power Pulse Valves
ASCO integral or remote pilot valves are especially designed for dust collector applications, combining high flow, long life and extremely fast opening and closing to produce reliable and economical operation. Valves with quick mount connections eliminate time consuming thread cutting and sealing.
ASCO Pressure Switches ASCO Pressure Switches
A range of high-quality sensors with long-life designs and ensured repeatability, these signal when process media reach pressure set points. They play a vital part throughout the entire power generation process.

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